TEMU: The BitBlaze Dynamic Analysis Component
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The BitBlaze infrastructure provides a component, called TEMU, for dynamic binary analysis. TEMU is built upon a whole-system emulator, QEMU, and provides the following functionality:

Publications and Documentation

BitBlaze: A New Approach to Computer Security via Binary Analysis
Dawn Song, David Brumley, Heng Yin, Juan Caballero, Ivan Jager, Min Gyung Kang, Zhenkai Liang, James Newsome, Pongsin Poosankam, and Prateek Saxena. Keynote Invited Paper, In Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Systems Security, December 2008. A high-level overview covering Vine, TEMU, and Rudder.

TEMU Installation and User Manual (HTML) (or PDF)
Describes how to build TEMU, and gives a tutorial-style introduction to its usage.


TEMU 1.0 is now available for download. The release includes the source code for the TEMU core (based on QEMU 0.9.1) and a sample tainting plugin, released under the GNU LGPL, as well as a Linux binary for the tracing plugin Tracecap. This release does not include many other analysis plugins we have built using TEMU, but stay subscribed to the bitblaze-announcements list for updates about future releases.

temu-1.0.tar.gz (8.9MB)

Acknowledgement and Citation

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Mailing List and Contact

Though we are not providing formal support for TEMU at this time, we would like to hear if you are making use of it, if you run into any bugs or problems, or if you have suggestions for feature additions. Please subscribe to the bitblaze-users mailing list (via Google Groups) and share your experiences.

For general questions regarding the BitBlaze project, please send email to bitblaze at gmail.com.

To receive announcements about code releases and other bitblaze related updates, please subscribe to the Bitblaze Announcement List

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